Mixologie Fragrances - Alcohol Free Perfume Rollers

Mixologie Fragrances - Alcohol Free Perfume Rollers

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This product is a WHITE BLUFFS FAVORITE!! 

Mixologie fragrances are alcohol-free, so they aren't overpowering like and alcohol-based spray perfume can be - and they last ALL DAY! You can blend fragrances together to create your own scent. How cool is that?! 

3 oz. Luxury Lotions by Mixologie - Aloe based formula with skin-quenching nutrients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, goat milk, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil. 

Assured (Natural) - Provocative blend of warming amber and cashmere musk. Creamy sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver create rich, smokey undertones. Fresh and aqueous marine notes keep things light and airy while crushed violet leaves add a feminine touch.

Charmed (Shot of Spice) - Soulful, sweetly warm scent laced with sensuality. A gathering of lush berry and pink champagne bubbles dance through our consciousness without a care in the world. Comforting undertones of peppered musk and creamy white sandalwood entwine with vetiver and amber for an ever lasting impression.

Daring (Spiked Punch) - Not for the shy! Fiery pomegranate, peach and spiced persimmon surround an alluring bouquet of ruby osmanthus and midnight marigolds with a shot of black rum and a bourbon marshmallow cream. 

Electric (Citrus Twist)- A playful citrus medley of pink grapefruit, zesty lemon, and sweet mandarin join sparkling cassis berries for an upbeat treat. Oceanic accords keep it clean and fresh with soft, sweet undertones of island jasmine, mimosa, and spun sugar.

Free (Ocean Mist) - Cool, refreshing and brisk. This scent's top shelf notes of salty marine air soar over watery peony blossoms. Caspian rose and cool sea moss. Ambergris and white musk give way to sheer, clean and dry finish. 

Inspired (Rose Floral) - A soft, luminous floral scent evokes timeless beauty and elegance. Fresh and bright top notes of bergamot, petigrain and geranium leaf blend effortlessly into the heart of rosa damascene with highlights of cyclamen, white lilies, and neroli blossoms. Warming cardamom, patchouli and sandalwood add a touch of seduction while amber and white musk offer a soft, romantic finish. 

Risque (Exotic Woods) - An exotic blend of sensual white musk, delicate sandalwood, bergamot, and other "not exactly masculine, but overly feminine" notes that will leave you (and maybe him) craving more of this intoxicating fragrance.

Soulful (Sheer Amber) - Engaging to the core with the enveloping sensuality of amber, musk, an alluring bouquet of wild freesia, peach rose, and white jasmine. Feel-good patchouli and vanilla create and understated, yet alluring inner journey.

Sultry (Wild Musk) - A compliment to any composition, this velvety musk scent emboldens feminine sensuality and strength. Beautiful exotic white musk and blonde amber surround fresh watery accords and a modern rose muguet.

Tempted (Coconut Kiss) - Get your tropical glow on with sugared pineapple, sun-kissed citrus and creamy coconut caressed by island breezes and swaying palms.

Tenacious (Crisp Vanilla) - A vibrant and sophisticated interpretation of a nostalgic favorite. Madagascar vanilla bean harmonizes with smokey musk, amber and masculine nuances from woody sandalwood and white oak. Aged bourbon, tobacco flower, and tonic conclude the blend with just the right amount of mystery.

Tender (Fruity) - Lucious sugar-dusted black raspberries burst with citrus from Sicilian lemon and orange zest. Bright, verdant accords of green tea, moss, silver sage, French lavender, and geranium leaf add vitality and a clean crispness. A kiss of warm ambergris completes the blend for a scent that beautifully captures honesty and innocence.